Our services are in three general areas:


We configure or enhance Salesforce for new or existing users. This includes system design, data migration, deployment and customizations, installation of third party applications, application development, reporting and dashboards, and training.

Salesforce is the leading Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). With Salesforce you can manage your company data and processes, and not just related to sales.

For non-profit organizations, we can get you set up with Salesforce and the Non-Profit Starter Package, which was created by the Salesforce Foundation to enable management of donors, donations, grants, volunteers and other data and processes. A free 10 seat Salesforce license is available to non-profits.


Impact Measurement

We help non-profit organizations put in place impact measurement systems, to measure and assess the progress and impact of their programs.

An impact measurement system provides another source of information to assist programmatic, managerial and financial decision-making, complementing personal experiences and other relevant factors. It also helps demonstrate program effectiveness to existing and potential funders.


Email Marketing


We provide email marketing services from A to Z, including strategy and goals, communications plan, creative design, content, list development, database management, vendor evaluation, system configuration, deliverability and reporting and analysis.

Our work spans the full range of complexity, from monthly newsletters to sophisticated automated messaging programs that send personalized messages based on specified criteria.

Wherever your current email program stands, we provide the appropriate help so that you better connect with your audience.

While we group our services into these three buckets, there are connections that run through them all, such as technology, data, websites and web-based applications, search engines, integration with social media, mobile, third party tools and system integration. We have helped clients with much of this and, when there has been a better fit, pointed them towards it.

We can help with both short- and long-term projects.

DialogWorks follows all data privacy and security policies of our clients.

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